censorship... again!

I know, I know, I've talked about this before... but this time it's SPECIAL!!!  Know why?  Because it's NATIONAL BOOK BAN WEEK!!!  So pick up a copy of The Golden Compass, the Giver, or And Tango Makes Three and get reading!  Today our librarian did a presentation for our GT English class about all of the books that have been censored over the years, including...
-Huckleberry Fin
-Harry Potter
-Shel Silverstein's poetry
-The Supernaturalist
and many more.
So kick back and read one, and be grateful for your freedoms today!

been a while!

whoa, i haven't posted in a long time!  i just wanted to check up on things around here.  so i'm loving this high school class that i'm taking for credit!  i actually love algebra... i like everything, really.  i like how our teachers want us to express ourselves.  i love how we're allowed to have opinions.  i know that might sound weird, but you know it's true.  i used to be the girl who freaked out when she got called on because she was afraid of getting the answer wrong.  but now, especially because of english, i've come to realize that their are no stupid opinions.  no one's 100% right, and no one's 100% wrong all the time... except maybe george w. bush, haha :DD  but really; share what you think matters.  do what moves you.  learn as much as you can while you still can.  and be young as long as you can.  you'll never get these years back.
in social studies today though, our teacher made a good point.  he was talking about how some of us don't appreciate the school experience right now; that if there weren't laws forcing us to be there, we wouldn't go, because we see no point to it.  which, in a really sad way, is sort of true.  i know i value my education, but there are some kids out there who genuinely just don't care.  that makes me sad.  i love reading, books, magazines, the paper, you name it.  i'm one of the few kids i know that actually watches the news.  i'm one of the few kids i know that actually keeps up with politics.  i'm one of the few kids that actually has opinions for herself, and let's them be heard.  you can't be scared.  you need to let people know how you feel.  we have free speech for a reason, you know.  use it, but use it wisely.  there's a difference between voicing your opinion on an important topic and talking trash.  know it.  embrace it.  use it.

fifteen days

yepp, that's right.  fifteen days till school starts.  i'm on the c team [seperated from jess & kayla :( ].  i'm taking GT english and algebra.  something tells me that this will be a fun year.  i'm going into the eighth grade at cms, which is a pretty spiffy school.  i don't even mind the learning part.  i like to read and all that crap.  i'm just going to miss the relaxation and freedom, ya know?

Writer's Block: Where Names Come From

Is there a story behind your real name or avatar? How did you end up being called that?
My nickname (mangostarrr) was given to me in a funny way =]
We were out at Coldstone for smoothies.  Katelyn's like: We need nicknames!!!  We pretty much got stuck after that... so we named ourselves after the fruit in our smoothies.  So I was mango, Kat was peaches, Katelyn was kumquat, Hannah was melons, and Cass was Kiwi =]
I added star to mine for two reasons.  One- I love to sit out on the roof and look at stars at night.  Two- I want to be a star on Broadway.

i'd swim the ocean for you

Hey!  I know, I know, it's been a while.  So...
I just got back from Peru.  The water was AMAZING!  I'm totally going back just to swim in that lake forever.  I'm not even kidding.  It's so much nicer than Lake Michigan (even though the water died my white swimsuit brown).  At least it doesn't have freaky diseases.
So last night, Jessica and I got dressed up and went to the Breaking Dawn release party.  We ended up leaving early, though (1- Sky was stalking us.  2- Katelyn never showed.  3- Our feet hurt.  4- We had like three Starbucks.  5- I'm on the waiting list at the library anyway) so we went to my house and watched Monk.  We also had PANCAKES!  Yay, pancakes!
Well, this is just a quick update =]  Love you!

my bucket list (age: 14).

Hey =]  I know that I'm still young and have plenty of time to enjoy my life...  I wanted to make this.  The pluses (+) are what I have accomplished, and the minuses (-) are what I've yet to still do.

+ride in a limo.  age: six.
-take a tour of italy on a scooter.
-live in a foreign country for a year.
-sky dive.
-bungee jump.
-skinny dip.
-get a real tattoo.
+find my childhood pooh stuffed animal.  age: thirteen.
-write a book.
+get one of my poems published.  age: twelve.
-have a beach bonfire.
-have my first kiss.
-have a steady boyfriend.
-attend prom.
-graduate high school near valedictorian.
+see niagra falls.  age: eleven.
-ride in a gondola.
-ride an elephant.
-see the northern lights.
+watch fireworks on the roof top.  age: fourteen.
-go to college.
-become a vegan.
+make my own veggie burgers.  age: thirteen.
+take a yoga class.  age: fourteen.
-learn to surf.
-move out of my parents' house.
+learn to sew.  age: ten.
+learn to knit.  age: eight.
-read (and understand) War & Peace.
-work at Barnes&Noble.
-donate hair to locks for love.
+learn to ballroom dance.  age: twelve.
-have kids.
-get married to an amazing guy.
-get kissed in the rain.
-visit (preferably by RV) all fifty states.  [thirteen/fifty.]
+sleep under the stars.  age: eight.
-swim with the dolphins.
+ride a horse.  age: nine.
-be my best friend's bride's maid.
+reconnect with someone i've lost touch with.  age: thirteen.
-ride a motorcycle.
-learn to fluently speak a second language, preferably french or mandarin.
+ice skate.  age: eight.
+run in relay for life.  age: nine through thirteen, except age twelve.
-run a 5k without walking.
+see mount rushmore.  age: twelve.
+see phantom of the opera live.  age: thirteen.
+see wicked live.  age: fourteen.
-play christine daae on stage.
-act on broadway.
+teach myself to play guitar. age: twelve.
-take a road trip with my l.b.f.s!
-ride in a canoe.
-climb a mountain.
+make a difference for the better in someone's life.  age: fourteen.

oh oh, everybody's makin' love cause love is free.

Name: kelley-lynn

Birthdate: december 5th 1994.

Birthplace: porter memorial hospital.

Current Location: porch.

Eye Color: green brown.

Hair Color: auburn with sun highlights.

Height: five feet six inches.

Weight: 115-ish.

Piercings: none.

Tatoos: fading henna on my shoulder of a tree.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: i'm single, babes.

Overused Phrase: that's what she said.

Food: can be quite delicious.

Candy: is better when it's fruit-like.

Number: seventeen.

Color: purple.  black.  teal.  green.  silver.

Animal: my sneezing dog, bandit.

Drink: mango juice.

Alcohol Drink: none, hun.

Bagel: chocolate chip with a cup of decaf.

Letter: q.  no one ever likes q.  it's a very neglected letter.

Body Part on Opposite sex: eyes or mouth.

Pepsi or Coke: pepsi.

McDonalds or BurgerKing: ewww.

Strawberry or Watermelon: who could choose.

Hot tea or Ice tea: iced.

Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla.

Hot Chocolate or Coffee: coffee.

Kiss or Hug: hug.

Dog or Cat: dog.

Rap or Punk: punk.  unless it's screamo rap.

Summer or Winter: summah.

Scary Movies or Funny Movies: errr... um... i can't choose.

Love or Money: love.  *see title*

Bedtime: curfew is midnight.

Most Missed Memory: our lunch table.

Best phyiscal feature: toes.  jk (but kara thinks so).  legs.

First Thought Waking Up: gotta wash my face.

Goal for this year: steer clear of drama.

Weakness: chocolate covered strawberries.  twilight series.

Fears: lawn gnomes.  stalkers.

Longest relationship: nonexistent.

Ever Drank: no.

Ever Smoked: i'd never want to even try.

Pot: i don't want to be near it.

Ever been Drunk: no.

Ever been beaten up: no, thank god.

Ever beaten someone up: violence is never the answer.

Ever Shoplifted: nope.

Ever Skinny Dipped: *tee hee* you will never know.  (that's a no, by the way).

Ever Kissed someone of same sex: nope.

Been Dumped Lately: nuh uh.


Favorite Eye Color: green or brown.

Favorite Hair Color: brunette (in a guy's case, brune.  lol).

Short or Long: medium.

Height: taller or same as me.

Style: emo's cool.  nerds are pretty hot, too.

Looks or Personality: personality.  that's a given.

Hot or Cute: cute.

Drugs and Alcohol: none, hun.

Muscular or Really Skinny: in between.

Number of Regrets in the Past: that's not my business.

What country do you want to Visit: italy.  greece.  france.  australia.

How do you want to Die: saving someone i love.

Been to the Mall Lately: nope.

Do you like Thunderstorms: yesss.

Get along with your Parents: most of the time.

Health Freak: sorta.  i'm veg*n.

Do you think your Attractive: ehhh... umcomfortable.

Believe in Yourself: heck yes.

Want to go to College: of course.

Do you Smoke: no.

Do you Drink: nuh uh.

Shower Daily: of course.

Been in Love: nope.

Do you Sing: constantly.

Want to get Married: yeah.

Do you want Children: someday.

Have your future kids names planned out: girls- isabella.  selena.  vanessa.  luna.  liliana.  guys- emmett.  rocco.  demitrius.  seth.

Hate anyone: not at all.

Writer's Block: You, the Movie

If your life was made into a movie, what type of movie would you want it to be? Who would you choose to play yourself? Who would play the important people in your life?
I'd probably want it to be a musical.  Of course, I'd choose:
Demi Lovato or Shailene Woodley as myself. 
Kristen Stewart as Cassidy. 
Robert Pattinson as Nate.
Hayden Panetierre as Jessica.
ummm... that's all for now!